Name: VIP -> MVP
Price: 40.00 20.00 USD

Note, only purchase this if you already have VIP rank


  • MVP Prefix
  • Receive $25,000 in-game money
  • Ability to use the MVP Kit
  • Ability to use 4 vaults (/pv)
  • Ability to set 4 homes (/sethome)
  • Ability to join the server while it's full
  • You do NOT lose XP on death



  • Access to the /craft command
  • Access to /feed (heals your food bar)
  • Access to /rename command (Allows you to rename your item with colour codes etc)
  • Access to /fix command (costs 10k per item fixed)

+ able to use all of VIP Commands and Perks

& more coming soon!